(Antifoam/TRS/Acidity controller)

Molasses degrades in quality during storage. Our enzymes & their combinations are found to be effective in controlling this drop in the TRS of stored molasses. Profoam-55 is a proprietary special blend enzymes and anti-oxidants that not only arrests the deterioration of molasses but also enhances the sugar content (TRS) during the long-term storage; thereby effectively increasing the overall yield and returns.

Temperature plays a key role in storage of molasses to maintain the chemical properties of molasses. When temperature rises over 36 degree C, destruction of structure in sugar occurs, which results in losing the feeding property of molasses. There is also safety concern that a rise in the temperature can lead to a rise in storage tank pressure leading to an explosion of the tank.


  • Does not allow foam frequently.
  • Maintain level of molasses in the tank for the Long duration.
  • Indirectly storage can be stored at the higher level of the tank.
  • Profoam-55 does not have any adverse Effect on the quality & nature of molasses.It is totally eco– friendly in nature.
  • Profoam-55 has special & chemical property which offer better quality of molasses with higher TRS.
  • The molasses after addition of Profoam-55 will fetch higher economical value.
  • Does not allow higher volatile acidity.