Aqua-Super (Fire-Side)

Fuel additives and fireside chemicals are a formulation of combustion catalysts, dispersants, oxidising agents, propellants and oxidisers in balanced quantities that helps in ensuring proper combustion, reduction in clinker formation, increase in heat transfer and reduction in corrosion.



Helogard: (Single Dosing Polyamine Based Boiler Chemical)

An organic multi-component polyamine formulation for boiler water conditioning an eco-friendly, non-toxic blend of organic chemical containing aliphatic firm forming amines neutralizing & alkalizing amines Complexing agent, dispersant.

Protection Against:

  • Oxygen & Co2 attacks.
  • Corrosion
  • Deposits
  • Hardness Slippage through condenser leakage or accidental ingress
  • Carryover and deposition on turbine blades.


  • Improve Protection: Protection by physical barrier, Film stable over pH 4 to 11, Protective in abnormal condition accidental ingress of acid, Hardness slippage from DM plant/ Condenser Leakage.
  • Polyamine film and all functional constituent are distributed the system from feed tank, boiler, turbine, Condenser including.
  • Improves silica management, easy to use, No Acid Cleaning, energy saving and cost effective.