Protagon Biochem Pvt Ltd

Our Products


Sugar is differentiated two categories Enzymes and Process Chemicals


Our another product is Distillery which Contains: Fermash-P, Defoamer, Protect – F, Yeast.


Molasses contain Profoam-55 (Antifoam Cum TRS Maintainer For Molasses)


Boiler is mainly differentiated two categories Fire-Side and All in one


WTP/Co-gen contains: Caustic Soda Lye, Caustic Soda and Sodium Hypo-Chlorite


ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) contains. ProSech-C (Microbial Culture), Smell Protector and Coagulant


Each day a challenge is passed on to us which forces “we” humans to change accordingly. The most important thing require in this transition is energy which we get from mother nature in form of renewable and non-renewable resources. Changes are only good when they are moving us to right direction. In this era of rapid industrialization there is no doubt that we all are growing but are we really taking care of resources which are responsible for our growth. Every action which pushes us toward the growth is in some way associated with natures. It won’t be wrong to say that all of us depend upon these resources irrespective of their nature- renewable or non renewable. Protagon is an effort where we want our customers to experience the best by investing least. As a company Protagon is dedicated to provide excellent process solution at your door step. Our products and services are currently available for Molasses based distilleries, Sugar Mills and Textile Mills. Protagon is equipped with an experienced technical team which offers product knowledge, guidance and troubleshoot all your problems 24×7.

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